Allerton Park

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Allerton Park Site Map Zoomed in Site Map
1. Sun Singer Sculpture 2. Pioneer Cemetery (mid-1800s) 3. Death of the Last Centaur Sculpture 4. house-in-the- Woods 5. Formal Garden Area 6.Meadow 7. Gazebo & Spring Garden 8. Visitor Center 9. Gatehouse 10. Allerton House Conference Center 11. Evergreen lodge 12. Budda Pavilion and Fu Dog Garden 13. Goldfish pond 14. Schroth Interpretive Trail 15. Prairie Demonstration Area 16. Former site of Lost Garden 17. River Bridge CLICK ON RED CIRCLE FOR DETAIL MAPS

Graphical Key:

North Arrow symbol North Solid Arrow symbol Automatic Doors outlined arrow symbol Accessible Entry bus symbol MTD Bus Stop

Textual Key:

North is Up.
Outlined Arrow denotes Accessible Entry, Solid Arrow denotes Automatic Door, Yellow Star denotes MTD Bus Stop.

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Accessible Entries:

Not Applicable


There are 2 designated accessible van parking spaces located north of the visitor center. At the north-west end of the main parking lot are 2 more van or car parking spaces. Immediately north of the Conference Center are 2 van parking spaces.

Contact the Visitor Center at (217) 762-2721 or (217) 244-1035. Fax (217) 244-9982.

Contact the Division of Campus Parking and Transportation at (217)333-3530, FAX (217)244-6863 or

Interior Access Route:

Paths are highlighted on the map and color-coded according to their paving surface material.


Two accessible restrooms for men and women are provided at the Visitor Welcome Center. There are single-stall rooms outside and behind the center, and single-stall rooms inside the Center during open hours (8am-5pm).
The accessible restroom for women is located in room...}


Not Applicable

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