All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Speech and Hearing Sciences Clinic

901 South Sixth Street

Champaign, IL 61820


The Speech and Hearing Clinic is located on the corner of Sixth and Daniels Streets in Champaign. It is on the southwest corner of the intersection, with the Psychology building due east and across the street.

There are two ramped entrances and a stair entrance. Each will be described below.

On the east fašade facing Sixth Streets is what is considered the primary building entrance, accessible by a ramp or a wide set of stairs. On the south elevation is another slightly ramping entrance with an automated pair of doors. The main entry off Sixth Street will be described firStreet

The bus stop nearest the Speech and Hearing Sciences Building is on the northwest corner of the Sixth and Daniels Streets intersection. You will exit the bus facing west, proceed south, cross Sixth Street and go another 65 feet south. There will first be a landing to the ramped entrance on the right (west) side of the sidewalk. The ramp will angle west and continue south up to the top, which joins a large brick paved patio on this east side of the building. If you are able to use stairs, on the sidewalk approach the set of 4 stairs begins just south of the ramp, and joins at the top landing of the ramp. From this patio, continue 20 feet west to the pair of glass entry doors.

This entry has a second pair of glass doors forming a vestibule area, before meeting the interior. You are now at the east end of a main, east-west hallway. Due west 40 feet is the elevator on the right that service the basement through second floors, and the accessible drinking fountain is on your left. A stairwell is in an alcove area just east from the elevator on the same side of the hall.

For use of the push-plate-automated door, you will need to continue south on the sidewalk along Sixth Street for a total of 85 feet. You will turn west at a sidewalk that will follow along the south side of the building. On the left is the parking area for service vehicles. The automated door is 45 feet down this side of the building. Upon entering the building you are at the end of a hallway that will lead you due north, T-intersecting with the main east-west hallway. The elevator is on the north side of this hall, just east of the T-intersection.

Tactile signage is not provided in this building.

Accessible restrooms are located on the basement level. You sill exit the elevator facing south. Go across the hall and just to the left to find the men’s restroom. To find the women’s, turn right after the elevator, go to the T-intersection of a north-south hall, turn left (south) and the door to the women’s restroom is the first door on your left.

Room numbers begin in the southwest corner of each floor and increase in a clockwise direction. The hallways basically form a rectangular in plan. For the basement and second floors, basically, there are 5 main hallways. Four intersect at their corners to form a rectangle, and the fifth hallway bisects the rectangle in north and south halves. The basement East hallway jogs to the right if you are going south, for your ease in navigation.


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