All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Education Building

1301 South Sixth Street

Champaign, IL 61820


The Education Building is located on south Sixth Street. It is bounded by Sixth Street to the west, Loredo Taft Drive to the north, Peabody Drive to the south, Krannert Art Museum is across the street to the west and Temple Hoyne Buell Hall is to the east.

The Education building is a large rectangular building spanning the length of one campus block. The Rehabilitation bus stops at the northeast corner of Sixth Street and Peabody Drive. There is a bus shelter at this corner for MTD busses heading north. If going south, there is another bus shelter on the northwest corner of that intersection. The campus busses follow Gregory Drive, located two blocks north and perpendicular to the Education Building

From the Rehabilitation and MTD bus stops, you will need to be on the east side of Sixth Street if you aren’t already there. 70 feet north of the corner is where the Rehabilitation bus will drop you off. At this exact point you are in the best alignment to begin an east approach the building. A good indicator you are on the path towards the building is that the pavement changes from standard, smooth concrete to rough-stone concrete. The path, jogging north but continuing due east, is paved in this rough stone. At the entrance, the doors are sensory activated. There will be two sets of doors opening for you.

You have now entered nearest the southwest corner of the building. From the entry, proceed due east. The elevator is 24 feet just ahead on the south side of the hall. This elevator services all four floors. A staircase is directly across the hall from the elevator. The second elevator is on the north end of the building. From your accessible entry continue east until the hallway intersects with a main north-south hallway. Turn left and go 50 feet north. There will be a short hallway perpendicular to the main hall containing the accessible restrooms. Continue proceeding north in the main hallway, almost to the very end to locate the second elevator. It is within a second hallway (exactly like the hall you first entered in).

The basement level is arranged much like the first floor. There is a major north-south hallway on the east side of the building. You will exit either elevator and have to proceed east to be in the main hallway.

The basement is a similar layout to the first floor. The second and third floors are more rectilinear in organization with all four hallways intersecting at their corners. All floors have room numbers beginning in the middle of the north hallway increasing in the clockwise direction.

A pay phone is off the first floor’s north lobby. Tucked into the southwest corner of this lobby is an alcove. The phone is nested in the wooden slat wall on the east side of the alcove. Drinking fountains are typically located on the west side of the main hallway.

The other accessible grade entrance is 160 feet north of the sensory-activated automatic door entrance. The north building entrance is elevated from the sidewalk and Loredo Taft Drive by a total of 9 steps.

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