Wohlers Hall

1206 South Sixth Street

Champaign, IL 61820


Wohlers Hall (formerly known as Commerce West) is located on the business quadrangle, south and west of the main campus quadrangle.  It is bounded by Gregory Drive to the north, the Main graduate Library across the street, the Architecture Building to the southeast, D.K.H. to the east, Sixth Street to the west and the Education Building to the south.

There are two close areas for bus stops. One is on Gregory Drive near the south entrance to the Main Graduate Library, and the second occurs at the intersection of Sixth and Gregory Drive.  The bus stop in alignment with the Main Library is approximately 130 feet east of Wohlers Hall.  Buses heading west will stop on the north side of Gregory Drive.  Buses heading east will stop on the south side of the street.  For buses stopping at the intersection of Sixth and Gregory Drive, if the bus is heading south, you may exit the bus at the northwest corner.  For buses heading east, you may exit at the southwest corner.  Verify with your driver where the stop will be for your navigation to Wohlers Hall.

The center west entrance was reconfigured in 2000 to provide a new accessible entry.  In addition, the previous accessible ramp entry still exists on the east side of the building.  The west entry will be described first, followed by the east entry.  

You will need to get to the southeast corner of the Sixth Street and Gregory Drive intersection and continue south to the center of the building.  If you exit a bus near the Main Graduate Library, go west on the north side of Gregory Drive where you may use the crossing signal to cross south.  If you exit a bus at this intersection, get to the southeast corner.  At this corner you will take the sidewalk south 90(?) feet, turn east (left) and proceed towards the entrance for another 20 feet.  There are two steps up to a large landing, and then another three up into the level of the lobby.  If you are using the ramp, it begins to the right of the first group of stairs, and turns in a half circle to the south to land right at the main doors.  The push plates are mounted on a metal bollard that is at the end of the center stair rail if using the steps, and straight ahead and slightly left if exiting the ramp.  Once inside the doors, there is a lift directly on your left that can take you to the main level (level two).  Seven steps also lead up to the main hallway from the small lobby space. 

To use the accessible entrance on the east side of the building, you should exit one of the buses near the Main Graduate Library. Either be on the south side of the street (or cross to get there) and head south on axis for only 5 feet.  There is a branching sidewalk heading southwest that you will need to take.  The total length of the diagonal sidewalk is 180 feet, and you will end up at the intersection with a sidewalk that goes north-south.  Turn south, and follow the shrubbery on the west side of this sidewalk for about 12 feet until it breaks, indicating the start of a sidewalk going west.  Take this sidewalk 18 feet to the accessible entrance.  There is a bollard with automated push-plates mounted 10 feet before the door, on the north side of the sidewalk.  Once inside the entrance, you are nearest the large lecture hall (room 141).  There are automated doors to this lecture hall to the right that open onto the front of the lecture room, with an instructional area and wheelchair seating.  Push-plates are mounted on the west wall. From the entrance you may also veer slightly south (left) and go up three sections of ramp to end at the T-intersection with the main hallway.

The building is a long rectangle in shape. It is formed by the main, long north-south hallway you have entered. Rooms flank both sides of the hall.  There are two elevators found at the ends of the main hallway on the west side of the hall, both servicing all four floors plus the basement.  Room numbers begin in the northwest corner of the building and increase heading south. This is the same for all the floors. The basement level has a computer lab in room 70, on the west side of the hall in the southern half of the building. The lecture hall on the main level, Room 141, is provided with an assistive listening system.  The doors leading to the rear of this room can be found when entering from the west accessible entrance.  There is also wheelchair seating in the rear of the lecture hall.  The doors are slightly to the right of center and are recessed from the hallway, and have push plates to the right of the door. These doors are also located directly to your right as you exit the ramp from the east accessible entrance.  A pay phone is in its own alcove, north of the 2 recessed entrances to the lecture hall on the same east side of the hallway. The accessible restrooms are also located on this floor. The women’s restroom is on the east side of the main hallway, in the center of south half of the hallway. The men’s restroom also on the east side of the hallway, in the center of the north half of the hall.  Push plates for the men's restroom are located to the right of the door.  

Tactile signage is provided in this building.


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