All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Bevier Hall

905 South Goodwin Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801


Bevier Hall is located at the corner of Goodwin and Gregory Drive in Urbana. It is bounded by Goodwin Avenue to the east (with Freer Hall across the street), Gregory Drive to the south (with Madigan Lab and the Animal Sciences Laboratory across the street), a large parking lot to the west (with the Morrow Plots beyond this), and the main south-bounding Quad sidewalk to the north. It is generally located just south and east of the Quadrangle.

Bevier Hall is a long, 5 story building. Its formal entrance is in the middle of the building facing Goodwin Avenue. The accessible entrance is near the northwest corner of the building, though it is not easily approached. The closest bus stops are either at the intersection of Goodwin and Nevada Streets north of the building, or near the intersection of Goodwin and Gregory Drive. The bus stop location depends on the bus and its route. The rehabilitation bus will likely stop on Goodwin Street at the crossing of a main, 10 foot wide sidewalk running along the north side of Bevier Hall.

The description will be given from this crossing. In general reference the crossing is midway between the block, or equidistant between Nevada and Gregory streets. The sidewalk is an axial continuation from the Allen and Lincoln Dormitories on the east side of campus, continuing west on the south edge of the Quad and beyond. The nearest entrance is approximately 30 feet west from the crossing. You will turn south and go up a wide set of 8 steps to access the north building entrance. The auditorium is immediately on your right. The wheelchair accessible entrance is described in the next paragraph.

At the crossing on Goodwin Avenue, you will head west for approximately 80 feet. It may be easiest to feel for the chain roping which separates the sidewalk from a grassy strip on the north side of the building. The chin rope is supported at 10 foot intervals by bollards. When this roping ends is where a perpendicular and narrow sidewalk will begin heading south. Follow this second sidewalk into the glass enclosed vestibule. The accessible door is operable by push-plates mounted on a bollard just before the door.

Upon entry, the door to access the main building is to your left. Going through the door places you in a second waiting area. There is a staircase immediately to your right and a door to access the first floor just ahead and slightly to the left. After going through this second door you are in a hallway which will provide service to the stage area of the auditorium and the nearest accessible restrooms. There is tactile signage provided throughout this building which will assist you in locating the restrooms. They are in a hallway off the left side of the hall you are presently in. To reach the main hallway with access to the auditorium and elevators, continue east, again through a closed door, beyond vending machines in a repair and service area, and through the fourth door until you have reached the main north-south hallway. Rooms 103 through 180 are off the main hallway. Rooms 188 to 199 are in or off the west (accessible path) section before the main hallway.

There are 2 elevators in Bevier Hall. The accessible elevator with tactile signage and buttons is at the south end of the main hallway. It is named the south elevator. The second elevator is on the west side of the main hallway, just south of the intersection with the west hallway. Named the north elevator, it is not provided with accessible signage and call buttons, but will service the first through fifth floors. The basement is only serviced by the south elevator. The auditorium is in room 180 at the very north end of the main hallway.

The men’s restroom is mentioned above in room 198 and also on the second floor in room 289. The second floor restroom is just west of the north elevator, the first door on the south side of this hall. The women’s restrooms are located again on the first floor in room 195 and on the third floor in room 333. From the south elevator go north 15 feet and the door will be on the west side of the ha195

Room numbering for the second through fifth floors begins in the southwest corner and increase north. The basement contains rooms in use on the north end of the main hallway. From the elevator you will have to maneuver through a mechanical and janitorial area before reaching the office area. This is difficult and is not advised.

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