Afro-American Studies and Research Building

1201 West Nevada Street

Urbana, IL 61801

This building has been updated to provide accessibility. The accessible entrance has been located on the southwest corner of this building. The location of this building is on the southwest corner of Goodwin Avenue and W. Nevada Street

This building is a renovated house. The formal entry is located on the north side of the building approachable from Nevada Street In order to reach this entry one must travel up several stairs. The accessible entry is on the southwest corner of the building.

This description will begin from the southwest corner of Goodwin Avenue and Nevada Street The nearest bus stop is at the intersection of Nevada and Goodwin Streets. There is a bus shelter on the northeast corner of this intersection. What corner you will be dropped off on depends on the bus you take. MTD, Campus and Rehabilitation buses all make stops at this corner.

From the southwest corner of the intersection, the entrance sidewalk is about 90 feet south of the intersection, leading west. There are a series of ramps that lead up to the entry. Head west along the sidewalk that has a slight upward grade to a wooden ramp that continues up. Halfway up the ramp, the ramps direction changes and heads north. Continue up the ramp to the landing. The entrance door is directly north of the ramp. This door remains locked at all times, therefore call ahead in order to arrange for someone to be present at this door at the time of arrival or to unlock the door prior to arrival. Upon entry, an accessible unisex restroom is off the north wall of the entry vestibule. To access other areas of the building, another door provides access to the remaining spaces on the main floor. This door is located to the right (east) of the entry vestibule. Travel through this doorway, through a large conference room and through another set of french doors, here there is a reception area with someone working during business hours to assist you about the first floor. There is no elevator provided in this building.

Please call the Afro-American Studies Building at 333-7781 for inquiry and further assistance.


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