All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Undergraduate Library

1402 West Gregory Dr.

Urbana, IL 61801


The Undergraduate Library, better known as the Undergrad, is located just south of the Quadrangle. It is bounded by Foellinger Auditorium to the north, the Main Graduate Library to the west, Gregory Drive borders to the south and the South Quadrangle is then across the street.


The Undergrad is a building constructed below ground, so the ground level only has entrances accessed on a slightly elevated plaza. There are two, rectangular one-story pavilions for the entrances- one west and the other east separated by a light well sinking down for both underground levels. Both small buildings are above ground with the tile paved plaza surrounds them. Of the two small building-type entrances, only the west entrance is used. For quite some time the east entrance has been closed in attempts to maintain book security.


From an MTD or Campus bus, the closest stop is located on Gregory Drive at the south entrance to the Graduate Library. Busses heading west will be on the correct, or north side of the street. Busses heading east will stop on the south side of the street, and pedestrians will need to cross to the north side. Instructions for those using the Rehabilitation bus will be in the following paragraph. From the MTD bus stop, proceed east on the main wide sidewalk. After 70 feet there is a branching sidewalk going northeast diagonally. You will stay on the due-east sidewalk another 40 feet before it turns at a slight angle to the north. The angle is to form around the circular drive between the library and Gregory Drive. Follow this angle, past a public pay phone on the left, until the angle turns back again going east. At this turn is the start of the ramp north to bring you up to the plaza level. For markings, the handrails protrude slightly out to the sidewalk. The ramp is short, only 15 feet or so, before leveling off at the plaza. Go north on the plaza about 90 feet. The entrance small building is on your left, and the first door on the left of 4 doors is the push-plate automated door. The plates are mounted to the left side of the door on the brick wall.


The Rehabilitation bus will drop off students at the circle drive immediately south of the Undergrad. You will exit the bus facing north immediately in front of the ramp. Again, go up the ramp and proceed north to the entrance doors.


Upon entry the elevator to take you down to the U.L. level, or the Underground Level, is ahead and to your left on the south wall of the small entry pavilion. At the north end of the entrance are stairs also serving the U.L. level. This level has the circulation desk, media and computing centers, and other general functions. You will exit the elevator facing north. If you are going to enter the library, you must pass through a turnstile immediately on your right. After the stile, which there are a series of them, you will need to go straight ahead through a set of glass doors. The circulation desk is on your right after entry. An information desk is straight-ahead another 20 feet. Someone is always working these desks to assist you throughout the library.


There is a second underground level to the library, labeled LL for Lower Level. The stairs or a different elevator accesses this level. The second elevator is found after you pass through the turnstile, and if you turn right immediately around the corner of the brick wall. This elevator will only service between the U.L. and LL levels.


Although the shape is square, the layout of the library is difficult to navigate. With so many protruding chairs, study tables, copy machines and the organization of the book stacks, it would be best to request assistance at the circulation desk.


The accessible restrooms are on the first level. After exiting the first elevator you have the opportunity to turn left and exit the entry vestibule area. You will go through one of the glass doors to arrive in a transitional area. This area has benches, newspapers, a postage stamp vending machine, temporary lockers, pay phones and restrooms. The women’s accessible restroom is south (left) if you are leaving the library. The door to the restroom is 20 feet down on the right. Pay phones are 15 feet down on the left. The men’s restroom is 20 feet down if you turn north (right) after leaving the library. The accessible drinking fountain is just before the men’s restroom also.


The transitional area is a zone before a tunnel connecting the Undergrad to the basement level of the Main Graduate Library. Heading to the Main library, you must proceed through the tunnel, passing all the vending machines and small seating areas flanking the hall until the tunnel’s very end. At the end you have two options to get up to the basement level. Either take the flight of 14 steps up, or there is a lift to the right of the stairs. You will need to go through a heavy door and take the lift up, then exit through another door. At the top of the lift or stairs there are a pair of glass doors you will pass through, then go 20 more feet west until the hallway T-intersects with another hall. Take a right at the T, and on the end of this short hall is the elevator to service all floors of the main Graduate Library.


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