All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Mumford Hall

1301 West Gregory

Urbana, IL 61801


Mumford Hall is located on the South Quadrangle. This is due south from the main Quad. Mumford hall is at the northeast corner, and is bounded by Gregory Drive to the north, Morrow Plots across the street and the Undergraduate Library across the street and to the west, Animal Sciences Laboratory to the east, David Kinley Hall is west and across the grass, and the Agricultural Engineering Sciences Laboratory is to the south.

Mumford Hall is a rectilinear building, with its length in the north-south direction. It is best approached form the north. The rehabilitation bus will stop at the designated crosswalk between the south Quad and the Undergrad Library. MTD and Campus busses will stop about 80 feet east of the Rehabilitation bus stop. From the designated crossing, you will need to cross to, or be on the south side of Gregory Drive. You will then be at the intersection of two sidewalks. One sidewalk runs east-west and is parallel to Gregory Drive. The second sidewalk is a main, 10 foot wide sidewalk heading south.

Follow the sidewalk heading south for 22 feet. Turn east and you will proceed towards Mumford Hall. Due east are the nearest set of stairs to enter the building. There are 9 steps up to the entrance. The ramp is immediately north of the stairs and will end at a landing at the top of the steps. Just before the door is a bollard mounted with push-plates. These plates will automate the first of two pairs of doors.

Once inside, you are at the building’s northwest corner on the first floor. Continue just 5 more feet and you will be at the north end of the main, north-south hallway. To locate the elevator, turn south (right) down this hall and the elevator will be immediately on the east side of the hall. The elevator services all floors, the basement through fourth floor. The closest set of stairs is immediately after the elevator, also servicing all floors.

Immediately south from the stairs, along the same side of the hall, is a drinking fountain and the women’s accessible restroom. Another 40 feet south on the west side of the hall is the pay phone. 120 feet south of the women’s restroom is the men’s restroom. The men’s room is also the second door before a south set of stairs, just like the north set. Some offices prop their doors open, creating temporary obstructions in the hallways. It is advised to stay towards the middle of the hallway for this reason.

Lecture room 103 in the northeast corner of the first floor is provided with an assistive listening system. The building is only equipped with tactile signage for this lecture hall and the restrooms. On the second floor, the City Planning and Landscape Architecture Library is in room 203, in the northwest corner. The Agriculture Library is at the south end of the second floor main hallway.

Room numbers begin in the northeast corner of each floor and increase going south down the main hallway. The layout for all four floors is similar.


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