All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Smith Memorial Music Hall

805 South Mathews Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801


Located on the south-east corner of the Quadrangle. The Foreign Languages Building borders to the north and Foellinger Auditorium is to the west.

Smith Music Hall is rectangular in shape. The MTD and Rehabilitation bus stop is at the corner of Matthews Avenue and Nevada Street. You will exit the bus facing west. Head west and proceed up a sidewalk 20 feet. Two descriptions will be provided. First a description of the nearest entrance requiring the use of stairs. Following will be a description of the route to the ramped accessible entrance.

If you are able to use stairs, continue another 20 feet to a set of 6 stairs on your left (south) leading up to the nearest entrance. This entrance is a sequence of 2 double doors. A payphone is located in this stair vestibule. It is mounted on the west wall of the vestibule.

If you need to use a ramped entrance, after leaving the bus and heading west for 20 feet, then turn south and proceed 100 feet. There is a messy intersection of first a bike path you will cross, then your sidewalk will intersect with the main east-west sidewalk bordering the south edge of the Quad. Turn and go west 85 feet, then turn northeast and head up an inclined ramp another 45 feet, again taking caution because you are crossing the bike path a second time. This sidewalk ends into a concrete patio. Go 25 feet north and the pair of autodoors directly ahead. The entry is a sequence of 2 doors, both activated by automatic push-plates. These plates are mounted to a bollard to the east and just south of the doors. Upon exit, the push plates are mounted to a bollard on the west side of both pairs of doors.

The floor plan is comprised of four main hallways intersecting at their corners to form a box, with the music hall in the middle. An elevator is provided which serves the basement through third floors. Proceed north from the accessible entry 12 feet to the intersecting hallway. The nearest drinking fountain is on the north wall at this intersection.Turn west and just before the end of this hall on the north side is the elevator. The elevator call button is tricky to find. It is sandwiched between 2 sections of wood molding on the north side of the elevator. A staircase is located 10 feet north of the accessible entrance on the east side of the hall. And serves the first through third floors. The music hall is accessed through any of 3 sets of doors, the nearest being 20 feet north on the west side of the east hallway. There is no tactile signage provided in this building.

Room numbers are divided by evens on the north hall and odds in the south hall, starting with 100 on the northeast corner and ending with 113 on the southwest corner. The music hall is room number 114, and the staging area is 118.

Accessible restrooms are on the second floor. Exit the elevator facing south, the women’s restroom is east 10 feet on the south side of this hall. The men’s restroom is in the north hallway. From the elevator turn west and at the hallway intersection head north. At the end of this hall turn east and 15 feet ahead on the north side of this hall is the restroom.

The room numbers for the second floor follow the same pattern as the first floor. There is balcony seating above the music hall, and room number 220 is along the east side of the east hallway. This room is only accessible by a flight of 3 stairs on either the north side of the south hallway or the south side of the north hallway.

The third floor has practice rooms along both sides of the north and south hallways that require keyed access to these hallways. Even numbers begin with 300 in the northwest corner of the north hall and increase to 346 heading east. Odd numbers begin with 301 in the southwest corner of the south hall and increase to 345. Balcony doors to the auditorium are accessed from the north and south hallways. The east hallway also has practice rooms 347 to 354 on both sides of the hall, however is only accessed by 4 stairs from either the north or south hallways.

The basement has rooms 2-18 on the north hallway, increasing west. The south hallway has rooms 1 to 11 generally increasing west. There is a small performance room number 25 off the west hallway.

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