All building entries described are the ADA accessible entrances.

David Kinley Hall

1407 West Gregory Drive

Urbana, IL 61801


David Kinley Hall (known abbreviated as D.K.H.) is located on the Business Quadrangle, south of the Main Graduate Library. DKH is bounded by Gregory Drive to the north, the South Lawn to the east, Architecture Building to the west and Temple Hoyne Buell Hall to the south.

DKH is a long, skinny rectangular building running lengthwise in the North-South direction. It is 5 stories including a basement all following the same plan. There is one main hallway running the length with rooms flanking both sides.

The building is best approached from the north. For buses heading west there is an MTD and Campus bus stop on Gregory Drive, on the north side of the street stopping in front of the Graduate Library. For busses heading east they will stop on the south side of the street at a bus shelter about 40 feet west of DKH.

There is a separate bus stop for the Rehabilitation Services bus. Heading east the bus will stop directly at the sidewalk you will need to take heading south. If you are on a Rehabilitation bus heading west, the bus will stop in this same alignment, only on the opposite side of the street. There are no crossing signals, so take caution crossing the street.

As mentioned, all buses other than the Rehabilitation buses will stop west of DKH. You will need to be on the south side of the street, and head east on the main sidewalk closest to Gregory Drive. Take this 90 feet east, going past the north end of the DKH, and turn at the first T-intersecting sidewalk to head south. Incidentally, this sidewalk is the same one that the Rehabilitation bus will stop at. So, for anyone exiting the Rehab bus, you are in direct alignment to head south on this very sidewalk. Take this sidewalk down the east side of the building for 20 feet. Turn west as if you were heading towards the entrance at the northeast corner of the building. If you prefer to take stairs, there are 4 steps up to a landing, through entry doors, and another 8 steps up to the hallway on the interior of the building. Now if you are taking the ramp, just before the exterior stairs you will need to turn south again on a narrow sidewalk. Take the sidewalk for 44 feet before it will turn into the ramp. Take the ramp to the top, which is the main entrance and a large landing in the middle of the east side of the building. Turn left and use any one of 3 doors to enter DKH.

The entrance, as stated, is in the middle of the length of the building. It is a wide vestibule area before intersecting with the main hallway. Since there is only one main hallway on each floor, directions will be given from this mid-point. To locate the elevator, turn right (north) and go about 90 feet. The elevator is on the west side of the hall. Just south of the elevator is a main staircase that also services all floors of the building. Just south of the stairs is a small flight of 5 steps going down to an exit on this west side. And just south of the stairs are a drinking fountain and the men’s accessible restroom. The women’s accessible restroom is on the south half of the building, so from the midpoint turn left and go 40 feet. The women’s restroom is on the right (west) side of the hallway.

Lecture room 114 is immediately across the hall from the accessible building entrance. The auditorium steps down, so one may wish guidance finding a seat closer to the front.

Tactile signage is only provided for signage to the auditorium and restrooms. A pay phone is in the entry vestibule on the first floor. It is on the south wall, just past the radiator before the junction of the vestibule and the main hallway.


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