Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Building Information:

  • 500 South Goodwin Avenue
    Urbana, IL 61801

  • Building #52
  • Located on the block bordered by Goodwin Avenue Oregon Street, Gregory Street and Illinois Street

Graphical Map: (click on building to see floor plans)

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Site Plan Burrill Hall Justin Smith Morrill Hall Chemical and Life Sciences Laboratory Levis Faculty Center Krannert Floor Plans

Graphical Key:

North Arrow symbol North Solid Arrow symbol Automatic Doors outlined arrow symbol Accessible Entry bus symbol MTD Bus Stop

Textual Key:

North is Up.
Outlined Arrow denotes Accessible Entry, Solid Arrow denotes Automatic Door, Yellow Star denotes MTD Bus Stop.

Textual Map:


Accessibility Information:

Accessible Entries:

The Krannert Center is accessible from all four parking garage levels. The entrances are off Illinois and Oregon Streets. From either street, follow the painted walkway into the parking garage. Automatic doors are located at the 4 entrances to the elevator lobbies.


There are designated accessible parking spaces on all levels in underground parking Lot E15. Yellow parking (level 1, Illinois Street) has 2 designated spaces and metered parking. Orange parking (level 3, Illinois Street) has 2 designated parking spaces plus meters. Blue parking (level 1, Oregon Street) has one designated space, 2 metered spaces and a wall reserved for accessible parking which will fit up to 3 cars. Green parking (level3, Oregon Street) has one designated space and 2 meters. There are also 3, 30-minute visitor parking spaces. The number of designated may be increased spaces is adjusted for performances. Vans must park in Lot D1 across Illinois Street to the north. Unrestricted metered parking is available along the surround streets. From 5pm to 2am lot E15 is available for general parking.

Contact the Division of Campus Parking and Transportation at (217)333-3530, FAX (217)244-6863 or

Interior Access Route:

From the sidewalk, enter through the entrance on the upper level of either Illinois or Oregon streets. On the west side of the garage is the elevator lobby. The elevator is located due west of the entrance. Accessible restrooms are in these vestibules. See below for locations.

The ticket office and general theater entrance is on level 5, the Lobby. Descriptions and locations of most departments and offices are provided in each elevator vestibule and in both elevators.


An accessible unisex restroom is located in the entrance vestibule of each parking level.
An accessible restroom for women is located in the entrance vestibule due south of the main offices on the lobby level. From North elevator travel south, left, through the main lobby. The restroom is located in the entry vestibule on the East side of the building just north of the Great Hall.


Elevators are needed and two are provided to change floors in this building. See Interior Access Route.

Floor Plans:

Floor Plans

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