All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Architecture Building

608 East Loredo Taft Drive

Champaign, IL 61820


The Architecture Building is located on the Business Quadrangle, just south and west of the main campus Quadrangle. It is bounded by David Kinley Hall to the east, Commerce West to the west, Loredo Taft Drive to the south (with the Education building even further south) and the Graduate Library farther to the north. The Architecture Building is rectangular in shape gaining its length in the east-west direction.


The nearest bus stop is on Gregory Drive, just south of the south entrance to the Main Graduate Library. The bus will stop on the north side of the street if it is going west, so you will have to cross the street, or the buses going east will already stop on the south side of the street. The main, wide sidewalk is a continuance on axis from the main hallway in the Graduate Library and going south, through the Business Quad, straight on to the start of the ramp for the Architecture Building. The distance you will travel between the street and the start of the ramp is 180 feet. It might be best noted that where the shrubbery lining the west side of the sidewalk ends, the ramp itself begins. The ramp will begin passing between two concrete retaining walls, follow the turn right and ramp down to the basement level. There are push-plates mounted on the north retaining wall for ease in opening the heavy door.


Once inside you are in a tight vestibule area. If you are able to use stairs you may continue through a second pair of doors and go down 3 steps to arrive in the hallway. If you need to use a ramp, just to the right of the second pair of doors is the ramp in its own, walled-off corridor. Again, you will end at the hallway. The hallway goes north-south. To locate the main set of stairs, turn left (south) and go 10 feet. The rounded staircase is in its own alcove. To locate the elevator, you would need to continue another 8 feet down this first hallway until it ends at the middle of the main, east-west hallway. Turn left (east) and the elevator will be the second door down on the left. The elevator and stairs both service all four floors from the basement. The main hallway and general floor plan is the same for all four floors. There are rooms flanking both sides of the hallway, though numbering is not sequential.


The men’s accessible restroom is on the basement level. At the T-intersection with the east-west hallway, turn right (west). Proceed 20 feet, and the door to the restroom is on the left side of the hall. The women’s restroom is on the first floor. Take the elevator up to the first floor, exit facing south, turn west and be careful going around a display case just west of the elevator. Continue west a total of 35 feet, going just past the tall, light filled entry. The door to the women’s restroom is the first door after this main entrance, on the south side the hallway. An accessible drinking fountain is located across the hall from the elevator on the first floor.


There is a gallery often used for art display and events at the west end of the main hallway on the first floor. Go through a pair of glass doors and either take 8 steps down to the gallery level, or use the ramp provided from the basement. The ramp begins immediately west of the men’s accessible restroom and turns clockwise to end at the level of the gallery. To use the ramp call 244-4380, or ask in person with Jane Cook in room 106. The lecture room is located on the first floor, at the north end of the north-south hallway. It is provided with an assistive listening system. Tactile signage is only mounted outside accessible restrooms and the lecture room.


The Ricker Library for Architecture and Art is on the second floor. Exit the elevator, turn right and take a right at the junction with a short hallway. There are a pair of glass doors before the entrance to the library. It is advised to go through the left door; this way you can avoid maneuvering round a column with a mounted sculpture and be in direct alignment with the entry gate to the library. The circulation desk is on your right after passing through the gate.


There are no pay phones located in the building, though a campus phone is mounted at the landing of the stairwell on the third floor. You must dial 9 to get an outside line, and can only dial local numbers. Room numbers do not follow in any sequential order on all floors.


To exit the building on the building’s south side, if you are able to use stairs, you can go down 4 steps in the entry vestibule, exit a double pair of doors, and down 3 more steps. There will be a 20 foot length of sidewalk continuing south before it ends at the main east-west sidewalk. This main sidewalk goes from Sixth Street all the way east to the Plant and Animal Science buildings.


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