All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Henry Administration Building

506 South Wright Street

Urbana, IL 61801


Located on the west side of the Quadrangle with Altgeld Hall to the north and the English Building to the south. Wright Street borders to the west.

The Henry Administration Building is square in shape. The accessible entry is on the south facade of the building, near the west corner. Approach this entrance from a sidewalk running east, between Wright Street and the Quad. The entry is accessible by any of four doors, and the east-most door is accessible by automatic push-plates. A second pair of doors in the same configuration is located 24 feet north. An inclined ramp between them forms this vestibule entrance. Stairs are located within the vestibule entrance on the west wall. The flight going up begins nearest the north wall.

Tactile signage is not available in this building.

This entrance is at the intersection of two main corridors on the first floor, one going east and another going north. The first floor is a square comprised of four corridors, intersecting for the most part at their corners leaving a courtyard hole in the middle. The north hall services the student accounts and cashiering center, and frames a main axis of traffic in the east-west direction. The west, south and east hallways have rooms flanking both sides of the halls. An elevator is located approximately 30 feet north of the southwest corner, along the east side of the west hallway. This elevator services the basement through third floors. The fourth floor is accessible by a different elevator. To locate this second elevator, after entry proceed along the south flanking corridor heading east to its end, then turn north. The elevator is approximately 15 feet north on the west side of this hallway.

The room numbers increase in a clockwise direction, starting with Room 100 which is the Student Accounts and Cashiering Center that spans the length of the north corridor.

Accessible restrooms are on the first floor. The women's restroom is at the north end of the west hallway, along the east side of the wall. The men's restroom is at the north end of the east hallway, along the west side of this hall.

A pay phone is located in a phone booth within the east building entrance vestibule, along the north wall.

The west elevator exits the basement, second, and third floors facing west. These floors are a U shape, with a west, south and east corridor. The east elevator opens to the basement through fourth floors facing east. The room numbers increase clockwise from the northeast.


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