All building entries described are the ADA accessible entrances.

English Building

608 South Wright Street

Urbana, IL 61801


Located on the west side of the Quadrangle with Henry Administration Building to the north and Lincoln Hall to the south. Wright Street borders to the west.

The English Building is square in shape. The accessible entry is on the west fašade, near the north corner of the building. Approach this entrance from a sidewalk running east from Wright Street, directly across from the bus stop, to the English Building. Go up 7 stairs, or use the ramp provided just north of the stairs and past a 3 foot wide concrete barrier. The pair of doors may be activated by push-plates.

There is no tactile signage provided in this building.

The first floor is a square comprised of four corridors, intersecting at their corners with an atrium in the middle.

This building entrance is at the intersection of two main corridors on the first floor, one going east and another going south. East and west hallways have rooms flanking both sides of the halls and the north and south hallways have rooms on their outer peripheries. An elevator is located on the west hallway, 60 feet south, on the west side of the hall. This elevator services the basement through third floors, and the fourth floor by keyed access only. For elevator assistance to the fourth floor, phone the English Department at 333-2391.

Stairs are located along the east wall of the west corridor, approximately 50 feet south from the designated building entry, just north and across the hall from the elevator. To access the fourth floor by stairs, use one of two pair of stairs, each 30 feet from either the northwest or southwest corners of the third floor. There are no elevators that directly service the basement through fourth floors.

The room numbers begin with 100 in the southeast corner of the first floor and increase nearly sequentially to number 110 heading north. The atrium is flanked by classrooms beginning with 113 at the south east corner and increasing in a counterclockwise direction up to room number 135. Room 136 begins at the midpoint of the south hallway and increases in a clockwise direction to room 160 at the midpoint of the north hallway.

On the first floor, the women's restroom and lounge is in room 101 on the east corridor. The men's restroom is in room 103 of this same hallway. Accessible restrooms are on the second floor in rooms 203 for men and 205 for women.

A pay phone and inaccessible drinking fountain is located on the first floor 40 feet west of the southeast corner of the building, along the south wall. A wheelchair accessible fountain is located 40 feet from the northeast corner of the building on the north wall.

The second floor room numbers increase from the northeast corner of the building in a clockwise direction. The third floor room numbers jump about, but beginning at the southeast corner very generally increase in a counter-clockwise direction. Rooms 301, 303 and 315 are accessible by separate stairs in the southeast corner of the third floor. The basement room numbers jump around nonsequentially.

The computer lab is located in room 8 in the southeast corner of the basement.


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