All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.


1408 West Gregory Dr.

Urbana, IL 61801


The Library (commonly referred to as the main Library) is located southwest of the Quadrangle. It is bounded by Gregory Drive to the south and Armory Avenue to the north. The Undergraduate Library is east of the main Library; a parking lot is to the west. The Library houses several divisional libraries. For a complete listing visit the University Library System Home Page. The primary collections of the main Library are contained in the stacks and the storage facility at 809 S. Oak Street. The stacks are 7 stories of book storage accessed through the circulation desk on the second floor. This map will not guide you through the stacks; however it will give directions to the circulation desk for making book requests and retrieval.


The main Library is near two bus stops. There are two primary entrances with stairs. One is on the north side of the building facing the corner of Wright Street and Armory Street and the other is on the south side of the building facing Gregory Drive. Descriptions for the entrance off Armory Avenue will be given first, next for entrance off Gregory Drive to the south, and following will be a lengthy description of the route to access by wheelchair, using the ramp entrance on the east side or the west side of the building.


First to understand is that there are two major bus stops near the Library. One major bus stop is at the intersection of Armory and Wright Streets. This is a one-way street ultimately heading north. Both MTD and the Rehabilitation buses stop here. The second stop is on Gregory Drive at the south entrance to the building. Buses may stop on the north side of the street if they are heading west. If heading east, you should exit the bus and cross the street.


At the Armory and Wright Street intersection you will exit the bus facing south. Take caution crossing the bike path, and go south and a bit east so you can walk up 3 steps. Now you are on a very wide sidewalk in the east-west direction, and need to cross the sidewalk still heading south. Turn east and follow the low brick wall with shrubbery until it ends at the stairs. The stairs are in 2 sections. First go up 4 steps, proceed still going south and up 7 more steps to the first set of doors. You will go through a second set of doors and finally arrive at the north end of the library’s main hallway.


Description of the south entrance: at the Gregory Drive bus stop, you are in direct alignment with the south building entrance. Go up 3 steps and through 2 pairs of doors to arrive at the south end of the main hallway. From either of these entrances you are 70 feet each from the middle of the hall. The middle is where there is a T-intersection with a hallway going east. Take this east hallway, past the Library Business Office to the right, past a pay phone on the right, through an opened set of doors, past the wide and grand stairs on both sides of the hall and you will find the elevator in a recessed alcove on the left (or north side) of the lobby area you have entered.


Description of accessible entrances: at the Armory and Wright street intersection, and if you are in a wheelchair, you will exit the bus facing south onto a congested area on the bicycle path. Turn east and follow the bike path, turning slightly north, as it will then allow you to ramp up to the main, wide north-south sidewalk. Turn south and after 15 feet it will end at another wide, main sidewalk heading east-west. Turn east (left) and stay on the south side of this sidewalk. Go east, following a line of shrubbery planted within a low brick barrier wall. When the shrubbery ends (be attentive to breaks in the shrubbery for access to a bicycle parking area), you will be at the junction of a diagonal sidewalk cutting southeast. Take this sidewalk for 80 feet until it ends at the main north-south sidewalk. Continue due south for 70 feet. You are now in alignment with the middle of the east side of the Library. Turn west and go 20 feet, then jog south slightly so you can begin the ramp up. At the top of the ramp turn left (south). Be careful as you are simply at the top of a small landing. Go west a bit more and south for 20 feet. The middle set of doors on this entry is automated accessible with push-plates. The plates are mounted to a post just east of the door. You will enter into a large lobby area. To locate the elevator from here, you should be aware of two major obstructions. In general you will be heading due west, although you should be aware there are several display cases in the lobby. The next obstruction is a large column up ahead. Just to the right, around this column is the elevator in a recessed alcove.


The second wheelchair entrance is on the west side of the building. Once you are off the bus at the Wright Street and Armory Street corner, head west down the sidewalk. Turn south (left) to continue down the sidewalk (donít pass the parking lot). The ramp is just past a large set of bushes. This entrance will take you past room 66 on the right and left past the water fountain. Then immediately right is the elevator that will take you to all floors in the Library.


There is a second elevator servicing all the floors in a more obscure location. There is no tactile signage in this second elevator, and you especially do not want it if you are going to link underground to the Undergraduate Library. This second elevator is nearest the north building entrance. Just after the stairs on the west side of the hall is a recessed entrance to a steep but short ramp. The ramp goes up and at the top, through a doorway on your right is the elevator on the right. This area is very compressed, however this elevator may be the only way to access rooms 33 and 66 in the basement.


The floor plan of the library is a T shape on the basement, first, second and third floors. The fourth floor is a backwards C. The stacks are in a tower compressed on the west side of the building, which leaves the smaller libraries on the north and south wings and on the fourth floor in the west wing.


Accessible restrooms for women are located on the first floor. It is located in a recessed alcove on the south side of the east lobby, just west of the mentioned stairs. It is denoted with tactile signage. The men’s accessible restroom is on the basement level. Exit the main elevator facing south, go 35 feet ahead and down this hall on the right is the restroom.


To use the underground tunnel connecting to the Undergraduate Library: Take the elevator (on the east side of the Library) to the basement level, exit the elevator, proceed 18 feet and turn left (east) at the T-intersecting hallway. You will need to go through a pair of glass doors. There is a platform lift of the left side of the hall and a set of 14 stairs down on the right. The tunnel is lined with vending machines and a change machine on the left side and small benches on both sides. Continuing 90 feet will bring you to the lobby area with restrooms, a coffee shop, a pay phone, and an ATM machine before you may enter the Undergraduate Library.


In the main Library the circulation desk and the stacks are on the second floor. Exit the main elevator facing south, turn west and straight ahead in the middle of the large room is an information desk. Someone here can help you with your book requests, or provide assistance to any of the other libraries in the building. If you are entering from the west elevator, come out of the elevator heading north and turn east (right) immediately. Follow the hall to the end and turn south (right) continue to follow the corridor to the end and turn east (left). The circulation desk will be immediately to the south (right) and the information desk is in the middle of the room.


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