All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Music Building

1114 West Nevada Street

Urbana, IL 61801


The Music Building is located on the corner of Goodwin and Nevada Streets in Urbana. It is bounded by Nevada Street to the south, a shopping complex to the west along Goodwin Street, the north boundary is Oregon Street, and Sorority houses are to the east.

The main entrance to the Music building is off Nevada Street. The building is comprised of two squares diagonal to each other with a link between them. The south square is the main tower with classrooms and performance hall. The north square is 2 stories tall and holds the music Library. There is a second accessible entrance on the north side of the building, up a ramp and off Oregon Street.

There is a major bus stopping area at the intersection of Goodwin and Nevada Street. The corner on which you will stop on depends on the bus you ride. You will need to navigate to the northeast corner for easiest approach to the Music Building. There is a bus shelter at this corner. Once arriving at the northeast corner, you will proceed 75 feet east on the sidewalk and should be aligned with the primary accessible entrance. Turn north and the automated door is 65 feet ahead. This door is activated by sensors and is operable during normal hours that the building is unlocked. One may also use the swing doors also at grade immediately to the right of the automated door.

Once inside the building you are situated facing north, in a hallway and lobby area before room 2100; this is the auditorium/classroom. It should be clarified right away that although you are on the first floor, room numbers consider this the second floor. The basement level is the lower level and the upper floors are the third through fifth floors. Now, you should turn east and continue through the lobby for 80 feet. This will place you at the point where a hallway continues north. Proceed north to locate the elevator, restrooms and library.

In order of alignment, all on the west or left side of the hall, you will first encounter the men’s accessible restroom. Its door is push-plate automated if needed. The accessible drinking fountains are on the left side of the door. 30 feet north is the women’s accessible restroom, again with an automated door, and immediately north are the two elevators servicing all floors. At the end of the hall is a service and check-out desk for the School of music is you have any questions.

At the end of this service and transitional hallway is a linking hallway heading east. If you turn east here you can proceed directly into the music Library. There are flights of stairs immediately on your right. The library and all rooms above and below are in this second square mentioned above. The library reference and information desk is just after the entrance.

Classrooms and music practice rooms are in the south square on the basement floor and floors 3 through 5. The layout of the third floor will typify the fourth and fifth floors. The layout is descibed as follows: Exit the elevator facing east. Turn south, and after 10 feet you will be at the northeast corner of this square. You are at the junction of a main hallway on the north side of this square and another hallway flanking the east side. There are 4 more major hallways. There are hallways bordering the south and west sides, and 2 hallways between these main east and west hallways, also running north-south, that breaks the floor into 3 equal segments. There is no tactile signage in the building, thus it may be difficult to find a particular office or practice room.

The basement level occupies both square configurations. From the elevator, you will exit facing east. To locate rooms 1140 to 1201, turn north to the end of this hall, turn east, go through a small stairwell area and turn north again to enter the square. The plan is a square hallway with rooms flanking both sides of the hallways. To locate rooms 1002 to 1020, turn south after leaving the elevator and the hallway will turn west at its end. After passing through the doorway you will be at the north end of a main hallway heading south that contains the practice rooms numbered 1002 to 1018. Access to the lower auditorium and stage level are through this area.

There are two phones available for use. On the basement level at the bottom of the stairs is a pay phone. On the third floor directly across from the elevator is a campus phone. Dial 9 to get an outside line and make local calls.

There is a second accessible entrance off Oregon Street. It is a ramp which starts on the east side of the retail shopping complex and goes up to be level with the north entrance. At the top of the ramp turn east and go to the end, turn south and the doors to the linking hallway and lobby are right ahead. They are not automated doors but are operable. If you are able to use stairs, it may be easier to take the widely spaced 4 sets of stairs directly from the street level due south to this entrance.


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