All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Natural History Building

1301 West Green Street

Urbana, IL 61801


The Natural History Building is located on the northeast corner of the Quadrangle. It is bounded by Harker Hall to the west, Noyes Laboratory to the south, Matthews Avenue to the east and Green Street to the north.

The Natural History Building is an old building with an awkward layout. Although the building is roughly a rectangle formed from four main hallways all connecting at their corners, there are slight turns and protrusions that may make navigation difficult.

The accessible entry is on the east fašade of the building. It is easiest approached from the Rehabilitation bus stops along Matthews Avenue. If you ask your MTD and Campus bus drivers will stop there too. The entry is just north of a service vehicle driveway. There are handrails that may help indicate the start of this ramp. It heads west and inclines slightly. The door opens into what seems like the basement level, however is actually the first floor with room numbering starting in the 100 series. When you have gone inside the door you will be in a mechanical area. Go straight ahead and jog to the left in order to pass through an opened pair of double doors. 10 feet ahead you are at the intersection of the main North and East hallways.

For ease of explanation, the hallways will be named according to their relative locations in plan. For instance, one of the hallways described above is the main hallway on the east side of the building. This means it is a north-south hallway and forms the east border of the building’s rectangular shape. The other 3 main hallways are similarly described, such as the main east-west hallway on the north side of the building in plan will be named the North hallway, and the South and West hallways also follow similar labeling. The middle of the rectangle is the core of the building, and is filled with classrooms on the first floor, a lecture hall on the second floor and a museum on the third floor.

To locate the elevator from the intersection of the north and east hallways, continue along the north hallway keeping clear of all the clutter lining the halls and after 75 feet and (just past the vending machines) until its junction with the west hallway. Turn south and proceed down the west hallway by going down a ramp for 25 feet then through an opened doorway. The elevator is 8 feet ahead or the second doorway on the left (the east side of the hall) in a small alcove. This elevator services all floors first through fourth. There is an attic level that is not accessible by elevator. For access please call the School of Life Sciences at 333-3044.

Accessible restrooms for women are located on the second floor. Take the elevator up, exit the second floor facing west, turn south and continue 70 feet south along this west hallway. The restroom is on the east side of the hall, just past the second display case in room 242. An accessible restroom for men is on the third floor. Exit the elevator on the third floor, continue all the way down this hall through a doorway to the junction with the South hallway. Turn east (left), go through another opened doorway and the men’s restroom is immediately on the right in room 327.

Tactile signage is provided for lecture halls and restrooms only.

It is advised to use the elevator to navigate through the building. Stairs are difficult to find and do not provide any clearer accessibility to every floor than the elevator. Again, for those needing to access the attic level, call the number mentioned above.

An accessible drinking fountain is in the west hallway on the second floor, near the main lecture hall in room 228 that is provided with an Assistive Listening System.

Room numbers begin in each north hallway, on the south side of its west end. They increase going east along this side of the hall, jump across the hall to the northeast corner, and then continue around the rest of the building in a counterclockwise direction. The third floor has a section of rooms in a mezzanine level that is separated by stairs. To access rooms 334-337, use the staircases in either the east or west ends of the south hallways. For assistance please call the Department of Geology at 333-3540.


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