All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Lincoln Hall

702 South Wright Street

Urbana, IL 61801


Located on the west side of the Quadrangle with the English Building to the north and Gregory Hall to the south. Wright Street borders to the west.

Approach the building from the sidewalk along Wright Street. The designated wheelchair entrance, which will be described here, is approximately 45 feet from the bus stop and begins just north of the sidewalk that leads most students to the building's southwest entrance. The accessible entrance begins with a concrete semicircular drive, separated from the Wright Street sidewalk by 2 bollards. The drive arcs in a northeast direction towards the building. A ramp and a set of three stairs form the wheelchair entrance. The ramp begins to the west of the stairs and U-turns to stop at the top landing facing south. There are autodoor pushplates on the ramp handrails immediately at the top of this ramp. The pushplates activate a large and heavy door on this west fašade of the building.

Lincoln Hall is square in shape. The accessible entrance opens to a long main corridor on the first floor. This corridor runs north-south. There are four main hallways that intersect at their corners to form a box. For ease of description, the hallways are described as north, south, east and west for their general locations according to the building footprint.

Tactile signage is not available in this building.

Two elevators are located on the first floor. The closest elevator is along the north hallway, and will be named the North elevator. From the entrance, turn north and continue to the end of this hall, then turn east and the elevator is approximately 15 feet east, on the south side of the hall. The second elevator is along the south hallway. To access this elevator, from the entrance turn south and continue to the end of the hall, then turn east at the intersecting hallway and proceed approximately 85 feet. The elevator is on the north side of the hall, just before the end of this corridor.

Accessible restrooms are provided on the first floor. The men's restroom room 167 is just to the west of the north elevator described above. The women's restroom is in room 135 along the south hallway, approximately 15 feet from the south and west hallway intersection, along the north side of this hall.

Several stairwells are available for accessing the five floors. The stairwells at the north and west, and the south and west hallway intersections access the first through third floors. The stairwells in the north and east, and south and east hall intersections access the basement through fourth floors.

A pay phone is located on the first floor, in the south hallway, 5 feet from the south and east hallway intersections on the south side of the hall. An accessible drinking fountain is also on the first floor, 5 feet from the north and east hallway intersections, on the north side of the hallway.

The first floor is a series of rooms along both sides of the north and south corridors. The east corridor has classrooms on the east side of the hall, and the entrance staircase to the auditorium is on the west side at the middle of this hall. Room numbers begin with 100 auditorium, increasing in a clockwise direction. The accessible entrance to the Auditorium is through the courtyard description below.

Features of the first floor include two outdoor courtyards that flank the north and south sides of the auditorium. The north courtyard is autodoor accessible near the north and east hall intersections. A staircase is on the inside corner of the intersection, with an accessible ramp to its west that will lead to accessing the courtyard. Autodoor pushplates are mounted at the top of this ramp, on the west wall. At the bottom of the ramp is an automatic door. The outside pushplates are mounted on a bollard 5’ across from the door.

Follow the concrete sidewalk 80 feet to the west, and the auditorium entrance is another automatic door on the west fašade of this building. Pushplates are mounted on the brick to the south of the door. This auto device will activate the immediate door and a second door 5 feet ahead leading directly to the main floor of the auditorium. This vestibule area between the doors is sometimes congested, and may be sometimes cluttered with stage equipment. When leaving the auditorium, there is a pushplate system mounted on the wall just to the south of the first door. The second courtyard is used to access the auditorium, however is not recommended due to poor conditions of the brick pavers and the path is winding.

An assistive listening system for the auditorium is slated for construction in the summer of 1999.

The basement is not navigable, as there is a great and unpredictable amount of classroom furniture stored in the hallways, as well as mechanical pipes hanging uncommonly low. For assistance to the offices in the basement, please call department of Speech Communication at 333-2683.

The second floor room numbers begin with 200 ( LAS Office of the Dean) and 202-206 which is the computer lab. They may be accessed by a pair of stairs from the east corridor on the first floor, going up 5 separate flights of stairs, ranging from 4 to 8 risers each in a clockwise direction. At the top of the fifth flight of stairs is a grand landing, spanning like a bridge within a vaulted space above the first floor hallway. The office of the Dean is on the north; the CCSO lab is on the south. The CCSO lab is also accessed from the south elevator. Please call this lab at 333-0309 for assistance.

To note, the room numbers do increase in a clockwise direction. For the rooms 240 through 260 which all are on the west length of Lincoln Hall, the rooms are flanked one after another, not in the typical hallway arrangement. Use the North elevator to access LAS offices. Use the South elevator to access classrooms.

The third floor room numbers begin with 300 in the middle of the east hall and increase again in a clockwise fashion. Again, rooms 342 to 361 on the west side of the building are linked, and one should access them either through a door at either the northwest or southwest hallway intersections.

Fourth floor should be accessed through the South elevator. Although the museum is closed, rooms 400 through 410 and 490 through 499 on the east corridor are accessible.

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