All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Altgeld Hall

1409 West Green Street

Urbana, IL 61801


Altgeld Hall is located on the northwest corner of the Quad. The Illini Union borders to the east, Henry Administration Building to the south, Green Street to the north and Wright Street to the west. Altgeld Hall is a very old building with several additions and renovations made over the years. The floor plan is very complicated, even for the sighted person. It is strongly suggested to phone the Department of Mathematics at 333-3350 for a personal guide to your classroom. The following descriptions will give textual mapping for the entrances, elevator and major facilities and lecture hall.


There are two bus stops on the west side of Altgeld Hall. A stop for the MTD and Rehabilitation buses occurs just past a stop sign on Wright Street, and the major pedestrian path to Altgeld Hall lies due east from this stop. The campus buses stop 170 feet north of the MTD stop. Between the bus and the sidewalk is a bike path. This path is often busy with riders, especially in nice weather and 10 minutes before the hour when classes are changing. Proceed over curbs and crossing this bike path with caution. At your request the bus driver may also assist you with crossing.

Two entrances to Altgeld Hall will be described. The first is for those who are able to use stairs, the second for those persons who must use an automated door on grade.

For the stair entrance: Proceed due east from the MTD and Rehabilitation bus stop. Within this distance you will cross the main sidewalk paralleling Wright Street and continue on the same concrete path to a direct sidewalk heading east into the building. On your right is a U.S. postal mailbox. On your left is a bus shelter in which its entry faces south. Continue east to the 3 steps that will bring you up to the pair of entry doors. It should be noted this entrance is used frequently so take reasonable caution when opening the door. Once inside the building you are in an entry vestibule. A second pair of doors just ahead is always propped open. While still in this vestibule and directly north is an alcove with the elevator on its west wall. Back at the entry and directly east 20 feet are two post office teller windows. You will be in a lobby area for the post office and a transitional area with students going to class. There are stairs on the north side of this lobby, which lead up to the second floor. The stairs begin in the middle of the wall and head up going west. There is a second flight of stairs off the south side of the lobby. There is a landing just beyond a very wide doorway, and 2 flights of stairs going down to the lower level of the building. One flight heads east and the other west, though they both just end up in the same hallway in the basement.

For the ramped entrance: Proceed east from the MTD bus stop, carefully crossing the bike path and go up the ramped incline to the main sidewalk running parallel to Wright Street. Continue east, again past the postal drop box and bus shelter. Just before the 3 stairs is a sidewalk branching due north and running close to the west side of the building. On the left is the small parking lot used for service vehicles. Follow this narrow sidewalk to the end that curves right (east) for 8 feet. This is the automated door entry to Altgeld Hall. Push-plates are mounted on a bollard at the bend in the sidewalk just before the door. The door will open very slowly.

Upon entry it is crucial to stay on the north (left) side of the hall and entry. There is a staircase on your right and though blocked by a railing it has still caused problems for some. Continue east down the hall and ramp for 60 feet. At the bottom of the ramp move to the right side of the hall and turn the corner. You will take a right and continue now heading south. This hall has two segments of ramps sloping down. Stay on the right side of this hall. There is a drinking fountain on the landing between the two lengths of ramp. At the end of this hall it will T-intersect with a hall running east-west. Turn west (right) and stay on the left side of this hall. There is a flight of stairs going up to the post office lobby on the right side of the hall. Continue past the stairs for 30 feet. Turn right (north) at the first and only doorway past the stairs on this side of the hall and through a small doorway into a mechanical alcove area. Go straight ahead for 15 feet, and finally the elevator is tucked in the northwest corner.

The elevator serves this basement, mezzanine (post office), up through third floors. For your information, the basement is numbered in the 100 series.

Accessible restrooms are on the first floor. From the automated door entrance continue east down the first ramp. At the bottom of this ramp (but before the end of the hall itself) is a hallway going north. Turn north and proceed down a ramp. At the bottom of this ramp you will be at the T-intersection with a wide main hallway. Directly ahead (north) and just slightly west on the north side of the hall is the men’s accessible restroom. Continue 35 feet west going past 2 staircases and soda machines and you will find the women’s restroom. Both men’s and women’s have automated doors for ease of accessibility.

Lecture Hall 314 is on the third floor. Upon exiting the elevator on the third floor you will face east. Turn north (left) and continue 5 feet through a pair of double doors to the lecture room floor. There is seating to your right. An assistive listening system is provided in this room.

Tactile signage is provided for restrooms and the lecture hall.

A pay phone is located outside the building. If you are taking the sidewalk on the south side of Altgeld Hall, going east towards the Illini Union, there is a pay phone 5 feet after the intersection of this sidewalk and the smaller sidewalk running on the west side of Altgeld Hall.


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