All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Harker Hall

1305 West Green Street

Urbana, IL 61801


Harker Hall is on the north end of the Quadrangle. It is bounded by the Illini Union to the west, Natural history Building to the east and Green Street to the north.

Getting to the entry is not easy. Because of its location not being near any major street, navigation is tricky. The nearest bus stop is along Matthews Avenue just south of the Natural History Building. The bus stops between to main sidewalks heading west going towards the Quad. One main sidewalk is 10 feet north of the bus stop and follows closer to the south fašade of the Natural history Building. The second bus stop is 12 feet north of the wide main sidewalk servicing the north edge of the Quad. Because there is a bike path also interwoven with this sidewalk, it is recommended you follow the sidewalk first mentioned (the one nearest the Natural History Building).

Take this sidewalk west, past the History Building until it T-intersects with a sidewalk going north-south. Turn north and you will be following the west side of the Natural History Building. Stay on the left side of the sidewalk, and after you pass the brick wall turn west onto a short and narrow concrete sidewalk. This sidewalk will lead you slightly south as well as going west. This is important to direct you across the 15 foot wide driveway of the parking lot you will cross and onto a wide sidewalk going another 45 feet west. The entry to Harker Hall is in the middle of the building, and the paving slopes you towards this door.

Tactile signage is provided throughout the building.

Upon entry, you will pass through a second pair of doors before stopping at the north end of a long corridor dividing Harker hall into east and west halves. Proceed south down the hall 70 feet and the elevator will be on the east side of this hall. The elevator services all floors, first through fourth, and all floors are arranged in the same layout. Restrooms are accessible and also on the first floor. From the entry the women’s restroom is the second door on the east (left) side of the hall and the men’s restroom is the next or third door down. A drinking fountain is between the two restrooms. A staircase that services all four floors is on the west side of the hallway, 25 feet south from the entry in its own alcove.


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