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Description of first floor:

From the middle at the north entrance going counter-clockwise are the following services: the lobby, hotel check-in, elevators to the left, McKinley Health Resource Center on the right, major staircase on the left, Ticket Booth on the right and finally the junction with the West Hallway.

Continuing south, the President’s lounge, Pine Room and Browsing Room are at this corner, then on the left an entrance to the Courtyard Café (with study areas, performance stage and an Espresso Royale). Continuing south on the left are first the men’s accessible restroom, 2 doors down is the women’s accessible restroom (there is no tactile signage to designate), on the right is the wall of entrance doors, a recessed lobby area with the Ballrooms to the left, a queuing line for National City bank, Quad shop on the right, pay phones, Delight’s ice cream shop at the corner on the left, and right around the corner on the right are 2 more elevators.

From west to east in the South Hallway are: the Art Gallery, Computing center, cash machine, change machine, entrance doors, the South Lounge is carpeted, and beyond is the automated entry door, single elevator and another cash machine.

At the intersection of the South and East hallways, turn north. There are building offices on the left, the East entrance doors on the right, a Vending room on the right and another entrance to the Courtyard Café on the left, in an alcove on the left is a staircase and a bank of phones (one of which is a TDD phone).

Turning west, at the east end is the Colonial dining room, lounge seating along the hallway and the lobby again with the University and building information desk on your right.

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