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Descriptions of entrances

On approach from the west side, from the bus stop directly west of Altgeld Hall, follow the sidewalk that leads along the south wall of Altgeld hall. There is a second sidewalk just south of this one, also in the same direction. A landscaped garden and a line of shrubbery separate the two sidewalks. You might find the second sidewalk by accident. This is OK. Continue east along either walk. You will proceed 200 feet west and T-intersect with a main, curving wide sidewalk that wraps casually around the west side of the Union. From either sidewalk you were taking you need to turn north (left) and head in a northeast direction, crossing the wide sidewalk and trying to follow the east edge of the sidewalk to guide you in better alignment to the stairs. There is a set of 3 stairs going up to a wide landing before entry to the west side of the building.

Now if you are unable to use stairs there is a ramp provided just 30 feet north of the start of these stairs. Separating the stairs from the ramp is a sculptural water fountain and benches to the east, and 2 low planters of flowers to the left. This narrow path leads directly north from the stairs to the start of the ramp. You will need to turn east and proceed 5 feet until the handrails will acknowledge the start of the ramp. At the top of the landing is a series of double doors. Directly ahead is the push-plate automated door. The plate is mounted on the left side of the door. All along this side of the building are entry doors- any one may be opened to enter the West hallway.


This paragraph is describing the path to entry if you must use the automatic doors on the south fašade or are entering off the Quadrangle. From the west, either from Wright Street or perhaps the Henry Administration Building, you will continue your path along the sidewalk heading west. This T-intersects with the wide sidewalk curving around the west side of the building. You will turn southeast and continue along this wide sidewalk, straightening out and heading due east. Between the wide sidewalk (which flanks the north end of the Quadrangle) and the Union is a mixture of concrete seating areas, the wide sets of stairs up to the south entrances, some trees in planters, and most of this is surrounded by brick paving. The south entrance is very busy, so, for lack of a better explanation, it may be easiest to find the entrance by listening and following all the other students up to the entrance. The doors on the west side of the south entrance are busiest, however the doors closer to the east end are the push-plate automated doors. To locate the ramp up to the entrance level, you will need to continue east along the wide, Quad sidewalk until you pass the benches and trees. There are handrails to assist you in detecting the start of the ramp. This ramp is a straight run north, and lands directly before the automated door. Turn north and directly ahead is the ramp going up to the south fašade of the building. At the top of the ramp is a platform. The push-plates for the door are mounted on the building, just to the left of the door. You have entered a vestibule area. Another plate-activated door is directly ahead. The plate is mounted to a bollard and railing on the left side of the door. You are now at the junction of the main East and main South hallways.


This paragraph describes entry from the north side of the building, typically where a Rehabilitation bus will provide drop-offs. The north fašade of the building is the old, formal entrance to the Union.  The entry was reconfigured in 2000 to provide a ramp and accessible entry doors.  The basic plan is such: three narrow, heavy, double doors form a first entrance. The middle door is no longer operational, as an interior ramp passes behind it.  Inside on both the east and west sides, there are 4 steps up to a second line of narrow, equally heavy double doors. After the second pair is the lobby and formal waiting room to the building.  There is a circle drive off Green Street. The Rehabilitation bus should drop you off in alignment with the middle pair of doors.  The doors to your left will be the automatic doors, with a push plate to the right of the door mounted on a smooth pilaster about 42 inches above the ground.  Once inside, turn right and the ramp begins to rise.  It ramps up for about 15 feet and then there is a switchback in the ramp, which changes the ramp's direction from west to east.  The second section of the ramp is 9 feet long, and lands on the level of the lobby.  At the top of the ramp, you will be facing east roughly in the area between the middle door and the easternmost door.  The automatic door into the lobby is in the middle, and you will need to pass southward through the door.  The middle door is located approximately six feet west of the top ramp landing.  The push plate is on the left side of the door.  Once through the door, you are now in the center of a lobby area.  There is furniture on either side of you.  To the left (east) is a welcome and information center about the campus and building.  To the right (west) is hotel check-in information.  Directly ahead is the main North hallway.


Hotel guests or employees going to and from the parking lot primarily use the east entrance. There is a ramp switchback and you will enter in the middle of the East hallway. This entrance is generally not used by students, and is tricky to locate off the Quad or Green Streets. It is recommended to use one of the other accessible entrances.


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