Illini Union


There are 3 elevator locations in the Illini Union. One block of 2 elevators is at the northwest corner. It is 30 feet west of the north entrance and lobby, and 20 feet before the intersection of the North and West hallways. These 2 elevators face north and service all floors, the basement through fourth floor. This elevator should be used for those persons going to a meeting or office in the North tower section. In the southwest corner, nearest the Computing center and Delight’s ice cream shop are 2 elevators. They are located in the South hallway, on the north wall, and service the basement, registered organizations on the second floor and guest suites on the third and fourth floors in this south tower section. The last elevator is in the southeast corner, directly across and slightly west from the accessible south building entrance. This elevator services the basement and guest suites on the third and fourth floors.


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