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Building arrangement and organization

This is a description of the first floor, noting that tactile signage is not provided in this building: The Union is arranged on the inside like a really big rectangle comprised of 4 main hallways all intersecting at their corners. For ease of reference, the hallways will be named according to their general locations in the building plan. For instance, the main hallway on the north side of the building that runs east-west will be named the North hallway. The hallway running north-south flanking the west side of the Union will be named the West hallway, and so on. The middle of the rectangle is filled with the ballrooms and the courtyard café with studying areas.


There are three sections of the building. The basement and first floor encompass the entire floor plan. Then there is a north section that is just the north hallway. The second through fourth floors have this north section. The south section is just the South hallway and is also in the second through fourth floors. There is no link between the north and south sections except on the basement or first floor levels.


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Building arrangement and organization

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