Talbot Laboratory

Building Information:

  • 104 South Wright Street
    Urbana, IL 61801

  • Building #13
  • Located on west side of the Engineering Quad.

Graphical Map: (click on building to see floor plans)

Talbot Laboratory

Graphical Key:

North Arrow symbol North Solid Arrow symbol Automatic Doors outlined arrow symbol Accessible Entry bus symbol MTD Bus Stop

Textual Key:

North is Up.
Outlined Arrow denotes Accessible Entry, Solid Arrow denotes Automatic Door, Yellow Star denotes MTD Bus Stop.

Textual Map:

Accessibility Information:

Accessible Entries:

Automatic doors are located on the east entrance of the building.


Unrestricted metered parking is available along Wright Street.

Contact the Division of Campus Parking and Transportation at (217)333-3530, FAX (217)244-6863 or http://www.parking.illinois.edu/.

Interior Access Route:

Enter through the east entry. There is a chairlift at the north stairs going down the basement. You must ring bell for assistance. At the basement level, go west to main corridor, turn north. The elevator is located on the east side of the corridor. Heavier wheelchairs powered by batteries, etc. should not use chairlift because it will not support the load....it is only designed for lighter weight manual wheelchairs. Another route is available using the south driveway that leads to an overhead door entry and is required after normal business hours, please contact the Division of Rehabilitation Education Service to make arrangements.  A project to create an accessible entry on the east facade of Talbot is currently in planning.  The new entrance is scheduled for completion in spring 2002.


The accessible restroom for men is located in room 110.
The accessible restroom for women is located in room 203.


An elevator is needed and is provided to change floors in this building. See Interior Access Route.

Floor Plans:

Floor Plans

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