All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Noyes Laboratory

505 South Mathews Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801

Noyes Laboratory is located on the east side of the Quadrangle. It is bounded by Chemistry Annex to the south, the Natural History Building to the north, and Matthews Avenue to the east.

Noyes Laboratory is a square shaped building. The accessible entrance is on the north fašade of the building. An MTD and Rehabilitation bus stop is on Matthews Avenue just slightly north of the Noyes Laboratory. From these busses proceed west along the 20 foot-wide east-west quad sidewalk. As you move 60 feet, head in a south-west direction. This will avoid the bike path that is parallel the sidewalk, and also it will move you closer to the correct entrance. Turn south at the start of the ramp, indicated by handrails, and at the end of the ramp is an automated door. The push-plates are mounted to the railing west of the door. You will enter a vestibule area before a second automated door. Again, push-plates are mounted on the west side of the vestibule. You have entered the basement level.

Upon entry, you are facing south. The nearest staircase is 30 feet ahead on the west side of the hall, and the elevator is 40 feet beyond that also on the west side of the hall.

Taking the elevator up you will exit facing east. The first and third floors are comprised of 4 hallways all meeting at their corners to form a box. These hallways will be labeled according to their general locations in plan. For example, the west hallway is the major north-south hallway that borders the west side of the building. The other hallways are labeled North, East and South. The center is a lecture hall and open courtyards. Each hallway has classrooms flanking both sides of the halls.

Tactile signage is not provided in this building.

First floor room numbers begin with the lecture hall number 100 in the center of the building. Even room numbers increase going clockwise from the lecture hall. Odd numbers increase in a counterclockwise direction.

Both men’s and women’s accessible restrooms are on the first floor. They are in the center of the west hallway on the east side of the hall. Men’s is off the entry to room 100 lecture hall. Women’s restroom is the first door south, down this same west hall.

The nearest accessible drinking fountain is across the hall from lecture room 100’s entry.

The second floor has 3 major hallways; a west, east and a third hallway in the middle connecting the two. The middle hallway connects to the east hallway 18 feet north of the elevator. It crosses northwest and arrives at the west hallway 15 feet from the north end of this hall. Room numbers for the second floor begin with #200 in the middle of the west hall. Even numbers increase heading north, odd numbers increase heading south. Crossing the connecting hallway to the east hallway, room numbers stretch from number 266 at the north end to number 250 at the south end.

The third floor and basement floor room arrangements and numbering mirrors the first floor. The fourth floor is only the east hallway with rooms flanking both sides of this hall. Numbering for the fourth floor begins with number 450 at the south end of this hall and increases to number 467 at the north end.

A pay phone is located on the first floor, at the west end of the crossing hallway and just around the corner from the men’s accessible restroom.

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