All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Chemistry Annex

601 South Wright Street

Urbana, IL 61801

Chemistry Annex is on the east side of the Quadrangle with Davenport Hall connecting to the south and Noyes Laboratory to the north. Matthews Avenue borders to the east.

Chemistry Annex is accessible from the east. The MTD or Rehabilitation buses both have stops at the drop-off for Davenport Hall. From the bus you will exit facing west. Turn north at the sidewalk and proceed approximately 260 feet. Turn west at a sidewalk that will begin to ramp after 15 feet. The ramp will lead down to an autodoor activated by push-plates mounted on the north side of the entry.

Upon entry you will still be facing west. This hallway turns north and ramps down to the main crossing hallway. All services and rooms flank off this hallway.

Tactile signage is not provided in this building and there are many furniture obstructions in the hallway. Proceed with care.

The elevator is 20 feet west of the ramp on the south side of the hall. It services the basement through third floors. A staircase is due north and across the hall from the end of the ramp. The men’s accessible restroom is just west of the elevator. It is provided with an automatic door operated by push-plates mounted on the east side of this restroom door. The women’s accessible restroom is on the second floor, immediately west of the elevator. Again, it is provided with push-plate activated doors. The plates are mounted on the west side of the door.

An accessible drinking fountain is located in the basement level just west of the elevator.

The first floor lecture room 112 is provided with an Assistive Listening System. Room numbers for all floors begin at the east end and increase heading west.

There are two winged hallway connections to the buildings north and south of the Chemistry Annex. There is a basement tunnel connecting to Noyes Lab. It is due north from the ramped entrance, beyond the staircase. The tunnel may be a little hard to navigate, but for your information there is a branch of this tunnel heading west that heads under Matthews Avenue on over to a sub-basement level of the Roger Adams Lab. In the Chemistry Annex there is a south wing on the first and second levels connecting to Davenport Hall. The wing begins just east from the elevator.

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