All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Foellinger Auditorium

709 South Mathews Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801

Foellinger auditorium is located on the south end of the main quadrangle. It is bounded by Gregory Hall to the west, Smith music hall to the immediate east, the Foreign languages building to the northeast, and the Undergraduate library to the south.

The wheelchair accessible entry is on the east side of the building. Two approaches will be described, one using the stairs in front of the building and a second ramped entrance on the east side of the building.

This is the description of the stair entrance. Along the north side of the auditorium are grand stairs serving a formal approach to the building. The stairs head south, and begin 45 feet from either main north-south Quad sidewalk. There are 16 steps leading up to 3 sets of 3 doors. The middle door of the middle set is always open during classes. You will enter a lobby, and due- south leads to the pair of push-plate automated auditorium doors, The plates are mounted west of the doors. Wheelchair seating is provided in several areas. For inquiry and assistance please call 244-0480.

This is the description for the ramped entrance. On approach from the east, there are several sidewalks crisscrossing . A main sidewalk 10 feet wide, which runs the entire length of the quad, is between the Foellinger Auditorium and a paved driveway loop between Smith Hall and the Foreign Languages Building. Directly west, across the main quad sidewalk, is a large paved concrete drive that branches southwest. There is a sidewalk on the south side of this drive, separated by slope change with a concrete barrier. Follow this branching sidewalk 20 feet, turn north and follow the side of the building 25 feet north to the pair of automated doors. Push plates are mounted to the building just south of the doors. The sidewalk is only about 4 feet wide so please take caution for the loading dock on your right (east) as you near the doors. Once inside you are facing west, so turn north and follow the slightly curving hallway around the auditorium until you are in the spacious lobby. Turning west you can enter any of several doors to the auditorium, the middle entrance described above is a push-plate activated autodoor.

An elevator is not provided to change floors in this building, and tactile signage is also not provided.

Accessible restrooms are provided. A men’s restroom is on the west side of the auditorium off the lobby and a women’s restroom is directly opposite, on the east side of the auditorium off the lobby. Drinking fountains are across the halls from the restrooms.

Stairwells to the balcony and lower level restrooms are located in the east and west ends of the lobby.

A pay phone is located in the east stairwell, on the west wall.

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