All building entries described are the A.D.A. accessible entrances.

Davenport Hall

607 South Mathews Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801

Davenport Hall is located on the east side of the Quadrangle, bounded by Foreign Languages Building to the south, Chemistry Annex to the north, and Matthews Avenue to the east.

The building is accessible from the MTD and Rehabilitation bus stop directly east from the accessible entrance. Proceed west 90 feet to the entry along a wide driveway. There are 2 bollards 10 feet before these doors to prevent vehicles from getting too close to the building. Navigate between these bollards, and the push-plates to activate the door are mounted south of the entry.

The building is a basic square and central core with wings protruding north and south. For ease of description, the main hallways will have titles that correspond to their relative locations in plan. For example, the west hallway is the major hallway on the west side of the building running north-south. Davenport Hall is a square comprised of a main north, south, east and west hallways and a central hallway bisecting the square into north and south halves. The east hall jogs east to circumvent a flight of stairs going up to the second floor, then continues north again. The north wing is a private corridor flanked by classrooms connecting directly into the Chemistry Annex. The south wing is another corridor flanked by classrooms.

Tactile signage is provided for classrooms and restrooms, generally found in the west hallway of all floors.

Upon entry, you are facing west. You are located at the junction of the main south and east hallways. To locate the closest elevator or drinking fountains, turn north and proceed 28 feet. A door on the east side of the hall will allow access to a vestibule room. The elevator is straight ahead (east) and the drinking fountains are to the right of the elevator. This elevator only directly serves rooms 270 and 279 on the second floor. Indirectly there are stairs that will further provide access down to rooms 281 through 296, or stairs up to rooms 381 through 396. The stairs are found by exiting the elevator facing west. Turn south and follow this hallway 10 feet, turn west for 4 feet, turn south again and go through a closed firedoor. The stairs going up 10 steps are to the right and stairs going 6 steps down are to the left. For assistance please call the department of Anthropology at 333-3616.

A second elevator is in the building and located in the west hallway. From the entrance you are facing west. Continue straight west, through 2 closed firedoors. Once through the second door you will be at the end of the south hallway and T-intersecting with the west hallway. Turn north, proceed 20 feet and the elevator will be on the east (right) side of the hall. This elevator services rooms 209 through 237 on the second floor. Turn south for rooms 209 through 225; turn north for rooms 229 through 237. On the third floor is service to rooms 309-338 also in the same order and configuration as the second floor.

Room numbers for the first floor begin with 109 in the south-west corner and increase clockwise. The north wing has rooms #140 through 152 and the south wing has rooms #183 through 196.

Different staircases serve separate portions of the second and third floors. The nearest staircase is 6 feet west of the entry, through a doorway on the south side of this hall. The stairs are in their own stairwell, separated from the building by firedoors. To exit on the second floor, go through the firedoor heading north. Immediately you have entered the area of another set of stairs described in the east elevator text above. You will recall that the stairs going up will arrive at the third floor and stairs down will service the second floor. Continuing north and jogging east along this awkward hallway will bring you to the east elevator again.

For stair access to rooms off the west elevator, you will need to proceed west along the length of the south hallway. After the first firedoor and just before the second, the flight of stairs going up will be on your right.

Accessible restrooms are located on this first floor. To access the women’s restroom, go west 20 feet and turn south down a slender hallway. The restroom is the first door on the west (right) side of the hallway. To access the men’s restroom, go west all the way down the hallway to the end and its intersection with the west hallway. Turn north immediately on the east side of this hall is the men’s restroom.

Rooms 241 through 253 are in the north wing connecting to the Chemistry Annex. It is wheelchair accessible through the Chemistry annex or a staircase near the junction of the north and east hallways. These stairs are just inside and to the east of the doorway to this north wing.

A pay phone is on the first floor, located 70 feet north of the T-intersection of the south and west hallways and at this west end of the bisecting hallway.


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